Monster Zine

Monster Zine | Ekaterina Orlovie

I love, love monster movies! Zombies are my first favorite, but I think the most impactful monsters are the Universal Monsters. If you think of Frankenstein’s monster, for example, you instantly think of Boris Karloff. The look is really iconic. So I wanted to play around with zombie imagery, and not necessarily taking on the iconic looks but exploring how we approach it.

Monster Zine | Ekaterina Orlovie

I collected all the relevant art into a zine which was a lot of fun to make! A lot of my images are drawn with watercolors, which by its nature is very zen, but paired with horror takes on a new atmosphere. Plus, the art is paired with written excerpts from Jeremy Fishell (that’s my amazing husband) which gave the whole zine a zombie survivor journal vibe.

I hope you like it! You can pick one of these up in my Etsy shop – we only printed 12 this time, and we’ll definitely be making a second volume (maybe on witches??) and you can stop by my Instagram for future updates.

Visiting Renegade Craft Fair in LA

Renegade Craft Fair LA 2017

When it’s 102 degrees out, normal people stay inside and enjoy civilization through Netflix, or YouTube, or anything that is indoors and has A/C. So naturally, on Sunday, we braved the heat and went out to the Los Angeles State Historic Park to bask in the gloriously creative Renegade Craft Fair. Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic, but seriously the sun was like this —


Here’s what we found!

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Summer Bouquet and Art Walk News

Summer Bouquet | Ekaterina Orlovie

This week I’m very excited to try a new (to me) technique with ink and watercolor by using layers to create a summer bouquet illustration. Hopefully I can do a proper tutorial on this as I get more comfortable with the compositions, stay tuned! I’ll have this work on display at the Pomona Art Walk this weekend, part of the 500 Block Pomona. I’ve previously had a booth at the Pomona Farmers Market side of the art walk so this is also new and exciting!

Come see me and so many other amazing vendors like Lucky Lace and support local artists! The Pomona Art Walk is on Saturday June 10th at 5 PM – 10 PM at 565 W 2nd St Loft 2, Pomona, California 91766 – you can view event information on my Facebook. See you there!

Summer Bouquet | Ekaterina Orlovie

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