Yosemite 2017

Yosemite 2017 | Ekaterina Orlovie Art

Last month, we visited Yosemite for an annual family trip. This is the second time we visited Yosemite this year as Jeremy and I stopped by there during our mini-moon. It’s really our happiest place on Earth – beautiful in all seasons, and just a little wild. The weather was actually very unpredictable (it rained for 2-3 days!) so we were very lucky to have had a sunny day to draw and sketch in the valley.

Yosemite 2017 | Ekaterina Orlovie Art

Yosemite 2017 | Ekaterina Orlovie Art

For these watercolor drawings, I wanted to have a more loose feel but still apply the things I learned last year. As I’ve painted here before, it was important to me to take in new views and just to take time to observe nature. It’s very rare to get to do that in general, so we really just enjoyed the day to ourselves – me with drawing and Jeremy with reading, in the beautiful Yosemite Valley. Hope we’ll get to visit again soon!

Headphones Girl Print

Headphones Girl Print | Ekaterina Orlovie

New print release! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this announcement already but just in case – the Headphones Girl print is now available in the shop! The prints look amazing and I’m so happy to see how the colors turned out. With watercolors, you never know what’ll happen. Sometimes they look washed out, or don’t scan in right, or you didn’t get the colors right and need to start over – the sky is the limit for mistakes. You can see how it all came together in this video.

Let me know what you think of this new illustration in the comments and have a happy Easter weekend!


New Etsy Store Look

Romeo and Juliet Print | Ekaterina Orlovie

Guyyyyyys, I’m so excited! I put up the prints from the Doom and Gloom series for sale in my Etsy store as well as a couple favorites that I’ve never sold before online. I’ve only sold the Romeo and Juliet print above and a couple other prints during art walks so far and it’s sold out super quick, so fingers crossed that I’ll have enough.

To celebrate, you can use coupon code NEWSHOP for 10% off your order until Apr 18, 2017 in my shop.  I’m working on a new print, tentatively titles Headphones girl (you can see the process here) so I’d love to send these to new homes so I can make room for new prints. Let me know what you think of the new look!

These Precious Things Print | Ekaterina Orlovie

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