New Etsy Store Look

Romeo and Juliet Print | Ekaterina Orlovie

Guyyyyyys, I’m so excited! I put up the prints from the Doom and Gloom series for sale in my Etsy store as well as a couple favorites that I’ve never sold before online. I’ve only sold the Romeo and Juliet print above and a couple other prints during art walks so far and it’s sold out super quick, so fingers crossed that I’ll have enough.

To celebrate, you can use coupon code NEWSHOP for 10% off your order until Apr 18, 2017 in my shop.  I’m working on a new print, tentatively titles Headphones girl (you can see the process here) so I’d love to send these to new homes so I can make room for new prints. Let me know what you think of the new look!

These Precious Things Print | Ekaterina Orlovie

Watercolor Sketchbooks Tour

This week I wanted to share my Moleskin watercolor sketchbooks and some thoughts on sketchbooks in general. Quick backstory – In college, I had a teacher who required us to keep sketchbooks for a painting class. At first, it was a pain to keep up with working daily in a sketchbook but over the semester it became a habit for which I am forever grateful now.

In addition to seeing how your art evolves through practice, the feeling of accomplishment from routine drawing/painting is so satisfying and almost addictive. I feel like it moves me forward just a little bit every time I pick up a pencil and doodle something. A sketchbook can be messy, very experimental, and deeply personal. A drawing in a sketchbook doesn’t have to look finished, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s like someone has given me permission to explore without many limits. The exploration that happens inside a sketchbook doesn’t need to produce results but it will anyway (if you keep at it) over time.

In these sketchbooks, you’ll see a lot of flowers, characters and some early sketches of the Doom and Bloom series. You won’t see many thumbnails here because I really wanted to take advantage of the watercolor paper. I do have another sketchbook where I thumbnail but it’s not complete yet. My hope is that this inspires your own practice. Don’t be afraid of the blank pages of your sketchbook!

Watercolor Sketchbooks Tour |

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Into the Forest

Fall is here!’s almost here. You can tell the weather is shifting toward cool evenings, there are pumpkin spice everything on the shelves, and even Halloween stores are starting to spring up like mushrooms. Speaking of which! I asked on Instagram what kind of fall wallpaper people wanted to see and mushrooms was the most popular choice. So here are a few phone fall autumn wallpapers. If you have suggestions for the next free wallpaper, just comment below or DM me on Instagram/Twitter. For a bit of spring, try the cherry wallpaper. Enjoy!

To download: Either right click > Open Image in a New Tab, maximize, then right click and select Save Image As, or just right click and select Save Image As. If you’re on your phone – just hold/press the image until a Save Image option pops up. These are 1080×1920 but if you need another size, let my know.

Katya Orlovie | Fall Autumn Phone Wallpaper

Katya Orlovie | Fall Autumn Phone Wallpaper

Katya Orlovie | Fall Autumn Phone Wallpaper

Katya Orlovie | Fall Autumn Phone Wallpaper