January 2016 Favorites: Out and About

January Favorites Doodle | Katya Orlovie

Wow, January seems like it passed by way too fast, no? It’s already February, and we’re just a few weeks from that ending too. Let’s talk about favorites then! Ok, January was full of awesome people, their birthdays, celebrations, and all things social. We had a blast going to this great bowling place for our friends’ birthdays (in fact, I forgot the name but if you google “awesome bowling place in venice beach” you’ll find it) called Bowlero. They have a bunch of different locations, we went to Mar Vista and it was glorious. First, the drinks were on point (get the Souther Charm!) and second, they were playing 3 4 movies (Back to the Future, Nacho Libre, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Napoleon Dynamite) on a row of TVs. My bowling skills got me to third place in our set, not too bad. I also got to see my baby cousin perform in a play (for the second time at his school) and it was too cute! I mean, singing is hard and singing in front of a whole room of parents and teachers took guts. Way to go Alec! We’re also waiting on our friends Darla and Mike’s wee baby Athena to arrive. She could be being born as I type this! Squee!

Ok, focus.

To film the Portland vlogs, I’ve been using the Canon EOS M and it’s quickly becoming my favorite camera. It’s not super ideal for vlogging because there’s no fold out screen but it’s so light and shoots excellent video. When the Red Wings (ahem, BEST TEAM EVER) came to town, I took it along and I can’t wait to show you that vlog – it did really well in low light too. Just in case you’re wondering – yes, the Wings did win that game.

I finally went to see The Martian and afterwards mentally kicked myself – why did I wait so long! The Martian is amazing! It has space, and DRAMA, and rockets, and more space! My favorite movie of the year. Oh! If you’re looking for a good (are there bad?) documentary to watch on Netflix, try Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery. I mean, the title kind of gives it away but the documentary is about the artist (and famous art forger) Wolfgang Beltracchi. It’s a fascinating look into his character, and the relationships in the art world that allowed him to flourish. Give it a watch, let me know what you think!

Whew! What a month. To get through the craziness, and embrace quiet moments with nothing but a good book by my side, I’ve been going to Augie’s Coffee in Riverside. I’m sure everyone has that space or place they love to go, to just hang out or get some work done, but I bet you a morning scone that it’s almost always a local coffee shop. Here’s to stealing time for more quiet moments next month!

Augie's Coffee in Riverside | Katya Orlovie

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