March 2016 Favorites

March 2016 Favorite Things | Katya Orlovie

Hello spring! It’s time for March favorites! Let’s talk about (a) Vikings and Viking attire. I was inspired by this master post by Claire Hummel to start researching costumes a little bit more and now I’m obsessed. I really want to draw some Viking gods soon but I feel like the old Norse gods were really “people’s gods” so what they would wear what the locals wore. Now I have a hundred Pinterest links open and so far down the rabbit hole. In other words, recommendations welcome!

A couple art favorites made their way into my kit – (b) pencil and (c) sharpener. Now the pencil is just a simple pencil but I swear it’s magic. I picked it up at Taliesin West‘s gift shop. I love getting pencils from museum gift shops or art shops because later on when I’m drawing with it, I can remember that visit and that energy. I should have really picked up two because it’s ending and that makes me sad. If you have a chance to visit Taliesin, do! It’s such a unique structure and the tours do a great job of talking about Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy, the significance of the space, and how it relates to the environment. Pretty hilarious to hear about how he made his students carry stones. If you visit, please send me some pencils from the gift shop! The second art favorite is an alien-looking oval Prismacolor pencil sharpener. This little thing is something I never knew I needed. Why? Because it’s not bulky but it collects the shavings coming off the pencil and doesn’t clog or break the pencil (always a problem with softer pencils). It’s especially great if you’re on the go, sketching outside or on the bus, whatever. In other words, brilliant. To test these guys out, I’ve been drawing a lot of (e) peonies. Sorry roses, I’m obsessed with peony petals

Oh! I found the Tony Moly lip balm at Urban Outfitter’s. Tony Moly is a beauty/cosmetics brand from South Korea, and I bought all sorts of creams and masks from them when I went to Seoul but now it’s everywhere in the US. Obviously sucked in by the adorable packaging (it’s so freaking cute!!!) but this balm smells so good. Plus it reminds me of traveling and visiting S.Korea so that’s an awesome bonus.

Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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