May + June 2016 Favorites


May + June 2016 Favorites | Katya Orlovie

This past month, I haven’t had too many exciting purchases/finds because I’ve been moving. Hooray for moving! It’s exciting to move to a new place but also, moving kind of sucks. It takes a lot of energy and patience, and waiting (when will the wifi be on? wheeeeen!), and your life doesn’t stop just because you have to move. But, I did have some favorite things to share for May+June!

1. Facials – Making time to relax is the equivalent of dangling a carrot for me, it’s motivation to keep going because at the end of this task, or that tough work week, is a treat. If you’re near LA/Pasadena, try to book an appointment with Iliana – it’s just straight up magic (that’s what your skin will be singing after a session).

Treat yo self!

2. Stepladder – Seriously, why is my apartment built for giants? Ok, this ladder was a housewarming present and it’s the best thing ever. Everything so high up! HA. Not anymore! Game changer.

3. Rugs/blankets – I’ve been doing the 30 days yoga challenge and using rugs/blankets to sit on or prop myself up has been really helpful. If you want to do it with me, it’s the Yoga Camp series from Yoga With Adriene.

4. Flowers – Another housewarming gift! My neighbor gifted me these amazing orchids (still alive!) and say what you will about “adulting” but having flowers/plants in your space is like I have my shit together.

5. Thrifting – Moving has made me rediscover the joys of thrifting and Ontario just happens to have a number of second hand shops, Goodwill, and a swap meet nearby in Pomona. OMG! I just had the best idea, go to swap meet —> shop —> get deals— also catch Pokemon. Who’s with me?


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