Monster Zine

Monster Zine | Ekaterina Orlovie

I love, love monster movies! Zombies are my first favorite, but I think the most impactful monsters are the Universal Monsters. If you think of Frankenstein’s monster, for example, you instantly think of Boris Karloff. The look is really iconic. So I wanted to play around with zombie imagery, and not necessarily taking on the iconic looks but exploring how we approach it.

Monster Zine | Ekaterina Orlovie

I collected all the relevant art into a zine which was a lot of fun to make! A lot of my images are drawn with watercolors, which by its nature is very zen, but paired with horror takes on a new atmosphere. Plus, the art is paired with written excerpts from Jeremy Fishell (that’s my amazing husband) which gave the whole zine a zombie survivor journal vibe.

I hope you like it! You can pick one of these up in my Etsy shop – we only printed 12 this time, and we’ll definitely be making a second volume (maybe on witches??) and you can stop by my Instagram for future updates.

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