3 Roses in Watercolor

I recently rediscovered watercolors and tried this tutorial by Irmgard Rawn to paint some roses. I love how these turned out! The hard part was waiting for the layers to dry, be aware that watercolors require patience (or you can binge watch SOA on Netflix while you wait!) Another video that I used for the roses below was How to start something daunting by Anna Mason. Do you have any tutorials you like? Let me know!


Free Comic Book Day 2015

A couple weeks ago, my friends Kat and Chris hauled me out to Dreamworld Comics for Free Comic Book Day 2015! I love free comic book day – you get free comics, there’s guest artists and a bunch of stuff to do so it’s always a good time. There are free comics for kids and adults, in case you’re worried about content. Personally I love the kids comics selection, I picked up the Rabbids, Teen Titans Go, and the Kate Beaton/Super Mutant Magic Academy combo stories. Dreamworld also had a huge selection of  omg take my money things I want (ahem, Elfquest book). I picked up a couple of Adventure Time comics, Pixel Princesses written by Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zack Sterling, and a Candy Capers story – both amazing! Head to Dreamworld at 12402 Washington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90066 and buy all the things or there’s always Free Comic Book Day next year!