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Flying to PDX! | Katya Orlovie

Oh Portland, how I miss you! Last fall, we went to visit Portland (en route to Eugene for the USCvUO football game!) and I took my vlogging camera along. The drinking! The awesome hotel! It’s all there –

We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Portland, which is super cute. It’s like a hostel but with all the amenities of a hotel, or like a camp for adults.  Everything in the hotel is super designed – our emergency fire exit route in the room was painted on canvas! I mean, holy cow. Now there was a slight hick-up, if you haven’t watched the video then spoiler alert – we got some dog poo poo outside our door. Now, I understand it’s a dog friendly hotel so it was an unfortunate case of a dog owner not picking up after their pup. I can only think that the dog owner must have been extremely drunk because it wasn’t just a little bit so why wouldn’t you pick up after your dog? Anyway, poo is for good luck right? Right?

Ah, anyhow – the drinks! Man, Portland has a lot more good drinking spots and food spots than I remember. (Or maybe now I can afford to go there?) The first stop for us was the Oso Market & Bar,  a great little spot to grab a drink. They have so many choices of beer and wine (and food!) so I definitely recommend stopping by. Also, if anyone knows who did the bear logo, please tell me because it’s amazing. Right next door to Oso is Kachka, which serves yummy Russian food and all the vodka that’s fit to drink. Seriously, their vodka list is SO LONG. We had herring and caviar, and yes a bit of vodka. Managed not to talk Russian to anyone, but that’s ok. My babyshka would have liked the decor, it was like being back on our dacha with the linoleum tablecloths. Also, I may have ordered my main dish just because it said something like “made by your southern grandma, if she was also in the KGB”. It was really good!

We also stopped by the Tugboat Brewing Company – the combination of boardgames + drink is hard to pass up. I had cider, Jeremy had beer, and we played Battleship (which had all the pieces!) after which we took the party back to the hotel to sleep it off.

Thank you for reading! This vlog is one of 5 I’ll be uploading within the next month – stay tuned!

Above | Katya Orlovie

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