A Day Out: LA Times Book Fest

Short Day by Katya OrlovieShort Day by Katya OrlovieShort Day by Katya OrlovieShort Day by Katya Orlovie

Last month, Karen and I went to the LA Times Festival of Books at USC (all thanks to Karen, I was literally going to sit and watch Netflix that day because the new season of Daredevil is not going to watch itself!) – and it was so much fun! We went last year too and just like last year, I got way too many books. Which is the whole point I realize. Originally, I was going to make a vlog out of our adventure but this is one of those events where you go, listen to the panels and just take it all in. I decided to share the day in a short comic instead – hope you enjoy!

Event: LA Times Festival of Books at USC
People Mentioned: Sam Alden;  Leah HayesMaggie Thrash; Mimi Pond.

Besides the amazing panels and all the books, there was this awesome Rey cosplay <—link to her Instagram with even more awesomeness. I mean, seriously it’s so good. How.


Free Comic Book Day 2015

A couple weeks ago, my friends Kat and Chris hauled me out to Dreamworld Comics for Free Comic Book Day 2015! I love free comic book day – you get free comics, there’s guest artists and a bunch of stuff to do so it’s always a good time. There are free comics for kids and adults, in case you’re worried about content. Personally I love the kids comics selection, I picked up the Rabbids, Teen Titans Go, and the Kate Beaton/Super Mutant Magic Academy combo stories. Dreamworld also had a huge selection of  omg take my money things I want (ahem, Elfquest book). I picked up a couple of Adventure Time comics, Pixel Princesses written by Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zack Sterling, and a Candy Capers story – both amazing! Head to Dreamworld at 12402 Washington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90066 and buy all the things or there’s always Free Comic Book Day next year!