May + June 2016 Favorites


May + June 2016 Favorites | Katya Orlovie

This past month, I haven’t had too many exciting purchases/finds because I’ve been moving. Hooray for moving! It’s exciting to move to a new place but also, moving kind of sucks. It takes a lot of energy and patience, and waiting (when will the wifi be on? wheeeeen!), and your life doesn’t stop just because you have to move. But, I did have some favorite things to share for May+June!

1. Facials – Making time to relax is the equivalent of dangling a carrot for me, it’s motivation to keep going because at the end of this task, or that tough work week, is a treat. If you’re near LA/Pasadena, try to book an appointment with Iliana – it’s just straight up magic (that’s what your skin will be singing after a session).

Treat yo self!

2. Stepladder – Seriously, why is my apartment built for giants? Ok, this ladder was a housewarming present and it’s the best thing ever. Everything so high up! HA. Not anymore! Game changer.

3. Rugs/blankets – I’ve been doing the 30 days yoga challenge and using rugs/blankets to sit on or prop myself up has been really helpful. If you want to do it with me, it’s the Yoga Camp series from Yoga With Adriene.

4. Flowers – Another housewarming gift! My neighbor gifted me these amazing orchids (still alive!) and say what you will about “adulting” but having flowers/plants in your space is like I have my shit together.

5. Thrifting – Moving has made me rediscover the joys of thrifting and Ontario just happens to have a number of second hand shops, Goodwill, and a swap meet nearby in Pomona. OMG! I just had the best idea, go to swap meet —> shop —> get deals— also catch Pokemon. Who’s with me?


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April 2016 Favorites

April Favorites | Katya Orlovie

a. Reading – I’m supposed to be reading Jane Austen for a book group but I’ve been consuming everything from Marquis de Sade, old viking tales, and graphic novels. Taking the time to read honestly feels like the most decadent thing ever sometimes.

b. Lavender and Honey in Pasadena – Ohhhmygod, if you haven’t had a honey latte please treat yourself (and get Pasadena toast while you’re there!) because it’s honestly the best. I always want to have meetings there, #sorrynotsorry, because the space has that creative feeling (or maybe a bunch of creatives just happen to go there all the time?) that’s so inspiring. Pair that with outdoor seating and wifi = my new favorite place.

c. Softball – Ever since I’ve watched The Sandlot, I always wanted to learn how to play baseball and this month I started playing softball for the first time ever. Even though it’s frustrating sometimes (why do I have to throw home? what’s this about stealing bases?), learning a new sport is so much fun. I just wish I was better at throwing the ball around, definitely need to practice more!

d. Red Sonja and Gwenpool – No, these characters are not in comic together but I picked up their respective adventures and have been blown away by the art and stories. Red Sonja was always a favorite of mine but the redesign looks so great and the story is heading to an interesting place so I can’t wait to read more. Gwenpool was somewhat of an impulse purchase but it’s such a fun ride. It’s seriously the best mash-up – she’s fun, girly, slightly psychotic and brings the feels which is what you really want out of a comic right?

That’s all for my April favorites – let me know what you’ve been loving this month!
Thanks for reading!

March 2016 Favorites

March 2016 Favorite Things | Katya Orlovie

Hello spring! It’s time for March favorites! Let’s talk about (a) Vikings and Viking attire. I was inspired by this master post by Claire Hummel to start researching costumes a little bit more and now I’m obsessed. I really want to draw some Viking gods soon but I feel like the old Norse gods were really “people’s gods” so what they would wear what the locals wore. Now I have a hundred Pinterest links open and so far down the rabbit hole. In other words, recommendations welcome!

A couple art favorites made their way into my kit – (b) pencil and (c) sharpener. Now the pencil is just a simple pencil but I swear it’s magic. I picked it up at Taliesin West‘s gift shop. I love getting pencils from museum gift shops or art shops because later on when I’m drawing with it, I can remember that visit and that energy. I should have really picked up two because it’s ending and that makes me sad. If you have a chance to visit Taliesin, do! It’s such a unique structure and the tours do a great job of talking about Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy, the significance of the space, and how it relates to the environment. Pretty hilarious to hear about how he made his students carry stones. If you visit, please send me some pencils from the gift shop! The second art favorite is an alien-looking oval Prismacolor pencil sharpener. This little thing is something I never knew I needed. Why? Because it’s not bulky but it collects the shavings coming off the pencil and doesn’t clog or break the pencil (always a problem with softer pencils). It’s especially great if you’re on the go, sketching outside or on the bus, whatever. In other words, brilliant. To test these guys out, I’ve been drawing a lot of (e) peonies. Sorry roses, I’m obsessed with peony petals

Oh! I found the Tony Moly lip balm at Urban Outfitter’s. Tony Moly is a beauty/cosmetics brand from South Korea, and I bought all sorts of creams and masks from them when I went to Seoul but now it’s everywhere in the US. Obviously sucked in by the adorable packaging (it’s so freaking cute!!!) but this balm smells so good. Plus it reminds me of traveling and visiting S.Korea so that’s an awesome bonus.

Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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