Last Art Walk of 2016

My last art walk of 2016 would turn out to be my last art walk as an Emporia Art Lofts resident. Long story short, it’s because my boyfriend and I decided to get hitched! Woo! More on that later, but for now I wanted to share how I would typically get ready for an art walk while still having a day job. I’ll definitely come back to visit my Ontario family! It was so much fun to live there, and the community is amazing and so welcoming. To me, it was so inspiring to be around other creatives and it was a unique look into how artists of many, many disciplines live and work. If you live around Ontario, CA, the art walks happen every third Saturday of January, March, June, August & November so please visit and support your local artists.

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Shaibu, shaibu

Just in case you’re planning on visiting the Honda Center,  you can see the map below. The Honda Center is actually where the Ducks play, but we won’t hold that against them 😀 Sadly, since the Red Wings play in the Eastern Conference now, they don’t get to come up here for games as often. First world problems, am I right? Ah well! I modeled the style of the players after the hockey players in the “Шайбу! Шайбу!” short. LGRW!

Map to Honda Center | Katya Orlovie
LGRW | Katya Orlovie

P.S. If you missed any of the Portland vlogs, you can watch the playlist [here].

Alberta St + Ground Kontrol

How awesome is Alberta St. in Portland? So awesome! It a place where you can do so many things without burning through all the daylight – especially great if you’re short on time. You can go grab brunch at the Tin Shed, walk a bit to Green Bean Books for books or cute toys and then pick up some sweet patches or happy birthday cards at Darling Distraction around the corner. There’s also Ampersand, a unique art gallery and art book shop all in one! Right next door is Cord, where you really have to watch your wallet if you love traveling or camping. If you don’t have a wallet, you can buy one there – they have it all! While you’re walking on Alberta St., make sure to take a look at all the amazing murals put up by Forest for the Trees (then come back in the summer months to watch them paint more!) Need more art? Stop by the Antler Gallery for prints, artist good, and make sure to check out the gallery display space in the back. All this, plus cozy coffee shops and trendy lunch spots, on one street!

Oh man, Ground Kontrol. Forgive me if I sound like a salesperson, but I can sing praises for this place forever. Love classic arcade games? They have those. Want to relive the glory days of pin ball? You can. Don’t care about games and just want to hang out? They have drinks and a neat hang-out space – check out their website for DJ and upcoming event schedules. Oh by the way, they are expanding, you lucky Portland people.

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