5 Current Art Supply Favorites

Art favorites are very hard to nail down, because really ALL my art tools are my favorites. Who can forget the eraser, that unsung hero! Sorry, I’ve been watching too much Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and my speech patterns only just adapting to modern English again. I hope you find these helpful or if you want, share what you’ve been liking – I’m always looking for new art supplies to try (and fall in love with!).

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Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water | Katya Orlovie

I find watercolors to be so peaceful sometimes but I don’t think this drawing starts from a peaceful place. Currently researching horror movies that happen in small spaces or just one space – like hotel rooms, and this drawing came about. How do we feel about watercolor paint in layers that overlap instead of blend into each other? It’s kind of working for me here.


Doubt | Katya Orlovie

Like I mentioned on Instagram, I’ve been listening to Halsey non-stop and I think we’ve all been there. It looks a touch bit darker on screen than in real life, but I really like how it turned out. It’s magical when Photoshop, inks and watercolors come together. Maybe I should make this a new series? Thoughts!